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about us
Journal Publishing Company (JPC), Inc., through its New Media business unit, owns, operates and manages this site. This site features content from the largest media organization in northeast Mississippi, Journal Publishing Company, Inc. including photos and stories from the largest daily newspaper in northeast Mississippi, The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, as well as from its eight (8) weekly community newspapers.

Visitors to this site should not expect to see all of the stories from our print publications online on any of our sites nor should they expect to see a particular story from any of our print publications. While some content from our sister print publications is featured here, this site is not intended to be a replacement for those publications. Also, please remember that the staffs at those publications DO NOT make the decisions about what content is or is not featured here, nor about the level of debate allowed on these sites. Those decisions are made by the New Media business unit of JPC obviously with input from the community as well as from other parts of our organization including the print publications.

In addition to content from our own media resources, we also provide local and national news from other news sources. The goal is to provide you with the most timely and accurate information possible about what’s going on all around you. To that end, we welcome, encourage and expect you to become part of the equation, not only by reading and interacting with what is reported on the site by us and others, but also to submit your own legitimate and accurate news. It’s only by us all working together that we can all stay well informed about what’s going on all around us.

So, please get involved!

Also, we hope and request that you patronize our fine sponsors as it’s their participation on our sites that make all of this possible.

We hope you enjoy your time with us on all of our sites and we hope that you’ll come to rely on them as THE SOURCE for news and information about what’s going on in our area.