On the Links: Bulldogs Roll; Waffling Prospects
by bradlocke
 Inside Mississippi State Sports
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Before I split town and get back to Tupelo - and take the weekend off WOOHOO! - I must share a couple of links with y'all. Enjoy.

• No. 18 MSU beat down Northwestern State last night, 82-67, at Mississippi Coliseum. Arnett Moultrie added another layer to his ever-growing résumé, with 24 points and 14 rebounds. I swear this is true: I dreamed last night that Moultrie grabbed another offensive rebound after the game. And it counted.

By the way, Rick Stansbury had no new information on Renardo Sidney's injury. The big fella suffered a strained patellar tendon in his left knee and sat out the second half.

Know who else was impressive, though? Wendell Lewis. Need to blog about him soon. He had 14 points.

"I didn't know I had that many," he said. "I thought I had like six or eight."

• Today's opinion offering is about recruiting, specifically prospects who either don't know what the word "commitment" means or don't care. It's a get-off-my-lawn kind of column. Sorry.

I hold no ill will toward Will Redmond, by the way, although I'm sure I now quality as a "hater," so that's something.

Merry Christ-mas, peeps!

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December 24, 2011
Did you pack your heat in Jackson? I bet you didn't need to, and and I heard of no incidents around the Coliseum Thursday night. Your previous remarks about Jackson and crime were uncalled for and tasteless... Merry Christmas from Jackson....
December 26, 2011
I'm happy to report that nothing happened, but then, I was smart enough not to linger outside the Coliseum. My remarks about Jackson were based on nothing more than hard, cold crime statistics. Go argue with those, not with me.

Merry Christ-mas to you, too.
December 24, 2011
Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas to everyone, including fans of the Ole Miss Rebels!

from Turfguy
December 23, 2011
Recruiting is a silly game. It always has been and always will be.