Smithville bank robbed Tuesday
by Daily Journal and Monroe Journal
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SMITHVILLE – A 21-year-old woman was in the Monroe County Jail on Tuesday night after allegedly robbing a Smithville bank.

According to Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell, the Renasant bank was robbed shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday. Later that night, two people were in custody and one faced charges.

Johnica Williams, formerly of Memphis and currently residing in Tupelo and Fulton, was charged with armed robbery. During the alleged robbery, Williams was dressed as a man.

“No one was hurt. The (robber) came in, gave the lady a note demanding money,” Cantrell said. “The note said ‘give me the money. I am armed.’ ”

Cantrell said the robber never showed a weapon, but the bank employee was sure there was one. The female robber – who was initially thought to be a man – asked for the demand note back before she left and was in the bank for a total of three to four minutes, Cantrell said.

Cantrell said K9 units combed the area after the incident. He said after nearby law enforcement agencies were notified, a vehicle suspected in the reported robbery was found at East Main Pawn Shop in Tupelo.

“It was because of good communications that we were able to solve this case,” Cantrell said.

Two clerks were inside the branch at the time.

The branch is a temporary office, reopened in May, about a month after the deadly tornado ripped through Smithville in April.

As a precaution after the robbery, Monroe County School District Superintendent Scott Cantrell said Smithville school was locked down around 11:30 a.m., shortly after the incident.

The bank branch also was robbed in 2006.
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January 11, 2012
I guess davis64 is just glad Obama has everything straightened out...what a joke!!
January 10, 2012
I just saw this story WTVA. If you look at the car they have on camera, its Maroon. The car they have in questioning in bright red. I hope they capture the right people instead of framing someone inorder to make themselves look good.
January 10, 2012
I thought the same thing but let them tell it, they got the suspect in person. It was a woman and she was dressed up like a man.. so i guess it was a lesbian .. but she thought she was smart and still got caught
January 10, 2012
davis64 This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard Bush get the blame for. What the heck is wrong with you??
January 10, 2012
Just as sad too is the fact that 8 years of Bush left this country in such dire straits that many feel robbing a bank (or other crime) as their last resort.
January 10, 2012
so there wasn't bank robberies before bush?. i am convinced you're either 8 years old, partially retarded or posting all these comments just to get a rise out of people. i do hope you really are not the davis people think you are.
January 10, 2012
Last year's tornado in the Smithville community was devastating to people in that area and others as well. The Renasants Bank had employees inside the vault area when the April tornado hit. I am sure just like everyone in that community they will never forget. Now the area's only bank has been hit with devastation again with it being robbed. I have worked in the banking industry for many years and have never been subject to a robbery. I would think it take away emotional safety as well as physical safety. I am truly sorry for this to occur with any bank but I feel Smithville having to take another hit like this is very sad. I have read no one was injuried for which I am thankful. Hopefully, the Renasant Bank officials will seek help for their employee's well being.