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On the road again
by sheenabarnett

A few ideas to throw around as we kick off 2012...

First off, what's the photo to the side, you ask? Well, it's just one example of how the tiniest things make me happy and get me motivated.

It's a long story as to why, but my job needs me to keep up with the number of times I go to the gym. I've tired doing this for the past month, just by marking little stars on my work calendar for each day that I went, but I was never very good at it. I needed something a little more fun.

So I went to a Dollar Tree, bought tropical calendar and a book of nearly 500 reward stickers, and for basically $2 I have an easy and fun way to keep track of gym visits. I'm keeping the calendar and stickers either in my car or in my gym bag, so the minute I leave the gym I can get a new sticker on that day.

I bought the stickers and calendar a few days before Jan. 1, and I was seriously bummed to learn my calendar didn't include any December '11 days! It's crazy how little things like that make you happy.

That being said, I feel like 2012 is a new start.

I know a lot of folks are making losing weight and getting healthy their resolutions. I've never liked resolutions. After all, for the last two years my resolution was to finally get serious about losing weight, and I never really did. It took one scary trip to the doctor in July, not January, to kick start my weight loss efforts last year.

Still, I'm at about the half-way point in where I need to be. I'd like to lose my remaining weight - about 37 pounds - by my birthday, which is May 6. It's do-able, so here's hoping I can do it!

With that goal in mind, and after the mess that was December, I'm ready to get back on my serious, strict track. (Remember those two pounds I said I'd lost? Apparently my thighs found them. And those two pounds brought friends.)

Still, what I learned in December is how social eating can be. At Christmas, you're either required to bring some kind of dish to a party or you're invited to a lot of parties, and then come the social problems: folks assume you're going to bring something unhealthy and un-yummy (can't tell you how many times I've had people tell me, "Oh, I guess you're bringing something healthy" and they say that like I'm bringing the plague), or you run the risk of offending your host if you turn down their super-sugary double chocolate fudge brownie delights or whatever. I really don't know how to walk the line between being socially acceptable at any and all fuctions and staying on a strict diet. I guess I'll get more practice next year.

But for now, my brand new running shoes are still getting a good breaking in every night, and my fridge is re-stocked with Greek yogurt and fruit and other goodies. Yay!

And here's one more resolution/goal for you, but I think this could be fun. I saw this on a weight loss blog this morning and I thought I'd share.

Every day, put eight (or more) bracelets - or rubber bands, or Silly Bandz, or ribbons, or whatever, really - around your wrist. Take a band off for every 8-ounce glass of water you drink that day. If you drink something caffeinated, put a bracelet back on or keep it on.

The goal is to get you hydrated each and every day. Sounds like a pretty fun way to remember to drink enough water, and it'll put all of my Superman and Harry Potter Silly Bandz to use.

Here's to a healthier 2012!

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Visions of sugarplums
by sheenabarnett

Ever notice how everything can be excused away at Christmas?

Oh, you haven't been to the gym lately? No big deal, it's Christmas!

Haven't been eating well? Hey, it's Christmas, lighten up.

It's so easy to fall off the path because it's the holidays, and, apparently, the holidays are about...being lazy and eating anything you want? Sounds nice, but it makes it harder to stay on the weight loss track.

I know it's the week of Christmas, but I'm already worrying about how many times I can go to the gym. I barely made it last night, clocking in at about 11:30 p.m., since I stayed up baking cookies (which are NOT healthy) for Album Club today. Even though I was tired from being up since 7 a.m., that workout felt wonderful. In fact, I didn't want to go home. I could've worked out all night. I'm not sure how I'm going to work in some workouts for the rest of the week/weekend, though. I'll do what I can!

My eating isn't what it should be these days either. My schedule is packed, so I'm eating what I can when I can, basically. As if I'm not causing myself enough trouble, I've had lots of sweet gifts from coworkers, all in the form of food, from fire and ice pickles to buckeyes to cookies. Delicious, all, and thoughtful, sure, but oh so bad for me.

I've decided to enjoy it all but in moderation. I had one cookie yesterday; I might have another today. The buckeyes, I'm taking to Album Club tonight so others can share in the chocolate-y goodness.

Again, I really do love the holidays - it means I get to see more of my friends, especially those who I haven't seen in a while. But, I look forward to getting back on my eating and workout schedules. I know I'll feel better, both physically and emotionally (eating these few sweets and my less frequent gym trips are leading up to a mountain of guilt on my part).

I haven't checked the scales in a while. The next time I get on one, it'll probably just oink at me instead of giving me a number. But whatever. The holidays are just once a year, and I'm going to do the best I can. If it means a pound or two, so be it. I'm trying, scale, I'm trying!

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So, who else is lying about their weight on their drivers license?
by sheenabarnett

Yesterday I complained about how difficult December is, how hard it can be to lose weight in such a busy, food-filled month.

Aaaaand then I go home, weigh, and learn I've lost a pound, almost two.

Hey, I'll take it!

So far I'm at 36 pounds. I want to lose 75, total (at least), so I'll be at the half-way mark in about a pound and a half. Woo-hoo!

But it also hit me last night that I'm awfully close to the weight that's listed on my drivers license, and that's also pretty awesome.

I know, I know - the weight on your license probably isn't THAT big of a deal. But when you've worked this hard to lose weight, suddenly, anything that lists your weight becomes a big deal.

Anyway. I got my license when I was 17. I had absolutely no idea what the scale said. I just knew I was chubby. So, I guessed at 175. My mom said she figured that was about right, so I went with it.

I probably was about at that weight then. Now, I'm 14 pounds heavier than that, and I'm getting ever closer to hitting 175.

I can't wait to hit that number - hey, my license will finally be accurate! and I'll be within 25 pounds of my goal!

And I can't wait to get below that number. You best believe when I do, I'll be hitting up the DMV and politely asking them to change my weight. :)

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Oh, December.
by sheenabarnett

Geez, and I thought Thanksgiving was a tough holiday to survive.

With Christmas comes a lot of holiday parties and get-togethers (here at the Journal we have two food-related events, and that's not counting get-togethers with my friends), and then there's everything involved with getting ready for the season (shopping, decorating, wrapping, etc).

All of this means extra cooking, extra food, extra time spent doing things that Have To Be Done. I do my working out at night (I am NOT a morning kind of girl), so by the end of the day - after working and getting Christmas-y things done - I'm done. I'm lucky if I make it to the gym. And if I'm there, I'm probably drinking a Red Bull to keep up my energy.

So, December has been about maintaining for me. I'm still at 35. I'm OK with this, since it has been a tough season.

But really, I'm not sure how someone manages to lose weight in a month like this. I love the holiday season - spending time with folks you don't see often, that sort of thing - but at the same time, all of the hustle and bustle leaves me tired and reaching for the most convenient food possible (also, whatever takes the shortest amount of time to fix) and for my bed, because it seems like I don't spend enough time with it.

So, I'm trying to eat as well as I can.

I'm trying to go to the gym as much as I can.

If maintaining is all I do this month, I'll be happy.

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