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by parrishalford
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With the end of football, the holidays and whatnot, I got out of the Friday chat routine, but here we go.

Got an opinion on the Rebels? How big is the Bo Wallace pick-up? Will he be the starter at QB?

How about basketball? Biker are you out there? The Rebels had a very impressive performance in a 71-63 win over Auburn Wednesday with the return of Murphy Holloway. The road is a very different place, however. Can the Rebels package the momentum from Arkansas and take it on the road to Auburn tomorrow?

The Tigers were step for step with Kentucky until the final 5 minutes.

Leave your thoughts and observations below. I'll be checking in throughout the day before leaving for Auburn later on.

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January 13, 2012
Yes, Biker, I was in the pileup with Buckner, hands held out, ready to push him back to protect the laptop. Life gets complicated when the laptop isn't working. That was reminiscent of the time I was almost run over by DeAngelo Williams in the final minutes of an Ole Miss-Memphis game. I learned it was more important to move laterally than straight back when the game is coming at you, but when we're at that media table there's not a lot of room to move in any direction.

I concur on the turnovers. I thought Summers settled down against the press, and Arkansas defended hard all over, not just in the press.

Larry, there seemed to be more chatter of commits recruiting one another last year than I'm hearing right now. Maybe Ward can turn a few guys.
January 13, 2012
Yeah, I'm here. I was also at the AR game - the long round trip made less tiresome hauling home a "W". BTW, were you involved in that crash down at the AR end of the court as players tried to control an out of bounds ball (I think that was the issue)?

It was good to see Williams assert himself. He needs to do that more consistently. Turnovers - I thought the AR press was handled fairly well escept in the late minutes of the game, when AR was agrssively contesting at the inbounds pass. AR was really good defending the interior passes - my sense is that's where most OM turnovers occurred.

All in all, there's a bit of hope, especially as Kendrick becomes more acclimated. I thought his defensive positioning outstanding, considering his limited playing time this year.

January 13, 2012
I'm hoping that getting Wallace and Ward in head to head competition with MSU will start a good ground swell of others who are willing to give Ole Miss a shot. Wallace seems to have the talent and skillset to succeed with Freeze' spread. Let's hope so!! I'm feeling pretty good about the Rebels' direction, but we have a long way to go, especially on defense.
January 13, 2012
The Wallace pick-up is interesting, better than your typical juco signing, because he has three years. Brent Schaeffer and Randall Mackey also had big juco numbers but did not - or in Mackey's case have not yet - put up big numbers at Ole Miss. Wallace is different. It's a different climate for offense now, and he has a better chance to be successful in my opinion.

Yes, Raleigh, QB attrition is possible. Wallace won't be guaranteed the job in advance, the way Schaeffer was when he arrived the day before players were scheduled to report, but his numbers, his history with Freeze suggest he has a great shot to win it.

I agree that defense is the bigger problem. Getting DT Shackelford back will be a boost, but engineering the type of turnaround at Ole Miss that he did this season at Arkansas State will be a tougher task for Dave Wommack.
January 13, 2012
I think the Bo Wallace pickup is huge with all of the talent we have at WR. Really think he'll be the starter in the spring. I assume we'll lose a few of our many QBs. I like Brunetti and think he's a leader, but he's just not an accurate passer. Mackey is talented but gets into too much trouble. Should be interesting to see what QBs stay and which ones leave. Our basketball season will be interesting as long as Holloway stays healthy. He's the obvious leader of the team. I don't see us making it to the NCAA. Hope I'm proven wrong. Keeping up with basketball and looking forward to baseball season and national signing day for football. Wish we could steal Quay Evans from MS State. Defense is our biggest problem. I think Freeze will have us putting up points in 2012, but will it be enough? Wasn't enough in 2010.