Estes touts GOP congressional challenge
by Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal
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Robert Estes announces his candidacy in the March 13 Republican primary for the 1st District congressional seat at Tupelo City Hall on Thursday. (Thomas Wells)
TUPELO - Snow flurries and 30-mph winds kept Robert Estes' remarks brief Thursday, but his election pitch was hot for Congress.

"I need your help," said the Southaven businessman at a campaign stop in front of Tupelo City Hall.

Estes, a 38-year-old Republican, voiced his support "for the working man" and promised to take the message for jobs and fewer regulations to Washington, D.C., if he's elected Nov. 6.

First, he'll have to unseat incumbent Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo in the March 13 Republican primary.

"We've got a serious problem in America," said Estes, wearing blue jeans, a white dress shirt and dark-brown suede jacket. "It's too many rules and regulations."

He showed a small crowd, braving the frigid weather, a plaster replica of the U.S. Capitol complex, which bore a "Made in China" label underneath.

There's something wrong, he said, when a product like this can be made, shipped to the U.S. and trucked to an American market to be sold cheaper than it can be manufactured here.

His campaign setup stood next to his colorful, double-cab truck bearing Estes' www.wheresamericasjobs.com logo.

The owner/operator of Estes Grading and Trucking vowed to work for job creation, debt-ceiling reduction and less federal spending.

Estes also promised to start reducing the deficit by cutting foreign aid by 10 percent. "That may not sound like much, but it's got to start somewhere."

He said the people of Northeast Mississippi have the heart and courage "to repave that road to Washington" and set an example for the rest of the country.

Also on the GOP ballot will be former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross. Democrat Mark Duvall of Mantachie also filed qualifying papers this week.

Today is the deadline for all candidates to qualify for the U.S. House and Senate.

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Robert Estes

• Age – 38

• Occupation – Owns, operates Estes Grading and Trucking

• Home – Southaven

• Family – Single

• Education – Horn Lake High

School, 1992
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January 13, 2012
It's time to send a real person who understands the daily grind to DC. We need someone who will go there and not fall in line with the rest of the establishment, but stand up for "We the People" instead of lining their own pockets! After meeting Mr. Estes I am 100 percent convinced that he is the man for this job. He will not be a yes man like we have now. I have to wonder how our current Congressman will vote, but with Mr. Estes he will always vote the way he tells us he will.

I think he will laugh at the machine up there, throw their benefits back at them and bring legislation for the Congress to have the same health care, same pensions, the rest of America live with! All the way to DC with the working man!
January 13, 2012
Not that I don't have grandiose hopes that the "working man" would go to Washington and make a difference (whatever difference means)...but how many times has that guy/gal gone to Washington only to never be heard from again (or at least the "working man" persona.
January 13, 2012
Well intentioned words. Young man full of pi$$ and vinegar. In another world he would do well....but this is the U.S.

As a freshman from MS with no experience in government, he would be eaten alive by the experienced piranha in Washington...and whatever he has left after his first term would surely be crushed or he would succumb to the enticments of free healthcare, lifelong pensions, etc, then become completely useless.

Mr. Estes, stay away from Washington...work your business...live long and prosper.

BTW...if you can figure out how U.S. citizens can live off $.50 per hour, not be concerned about benefits or safety...then we can stop importing from China.
January 13, 2012

First & foremost, you might want to check your spelling before commenting with such harsh words.

Misspelled words such as "PIRANHA" (correct spelling-pirana)make YOU look full of pi$$ & vinegar, my friend.

On to the subject at hand: How do you know Mr. Estes would be eaten alive since he has created & manages a successful business by himself? I would think it takes a very strong & intelligent person to accomplish such a task & make it into a successful business.

I'm sure since Mr. Estes has his own business, he already has his own health care, pension, etc., and is not concerned about himself. It is YOUR health care, pension, etc., as well as YOU becoming completely usless due to the entitlement programs that the working people are paying for; that is what Mr. Estes is concerned about.

Apparently, you must be content with the way things are going in Washington; therefore, my friend, YOU should cast your vote for someone other than Mr. Estes. Mr.Estes definately would be determined to make every effort to change things in Washington in my opinion.

January 13, 2012
Did check my spelling with Mr. Webster...I was correct and your picture was next to "Clown."

Secondly...I never said Mr. Estes was not strong, intellecually superior or unable to build and run a successful business. Many in Washington got there on the same platform...and where are they now?....Where is the change?

No doubt Mr. Estes has his own healthcare, pension..etc. If he gets elected and refuses the healthcare, pensions, etc. that are a part of the job. I will come back on this forum and recant.

I am not the recipient of any "entitlement" programs and I do not doubt Mr. Estes' sincerity regarding his intentions...but I have heard the same speeches from every candidate that has ever run.

My question to Mr. Estes is why as a wise business man, would you spend $250K to get a job that pays less than your current job?
January 13, 2012
I'll volunteer an answer JANGA.

Why spend 250k for a job that pays half that. Maybe because you don't need the money, or you need to serve more than you need the pay-check, or you just can't help yourself. You're "called." You know, "here I am Lord, send me."

In this case Real Politik sings back, "fat chance, fat chance."

He ain't got a Chinaman's chance. I admire his pluck. But I'd vote for Whaley the Yazoo Pig Boy, because there is a demon from Hades who cd care less about "the least of my brethren." Piggy knows all about not serving God and Mammon, he sticks with Mammon. Cf. Luke 16:1-8