OUR OPINION: Bryant offers broad agenda
by NEMS Daily Journal
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Gov. Phil Bryant delivers his inaugural address the Capitol in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012. Initially the inauguration was to be held outside, but the threat of severe weather forced the ceremony to be held in House chambers. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
Gov. Phil Bryant on Tuesday morning started his term as Mississippi's 64th chief executive with an inaugural address clearly outlining general priorities he expects to press, but without details expected to be offered soon in his state-of-the-state address.

Bryant, 57, who was lieutenant governor the past four years and started political service in 1991 as a member of the Mississippi House, set tackling multiple major issues as his main agenda:

* "...Our our most important work is making sure that Mississippians have work. ... And there are two sectors we can foster that have incredible promise to bring more jobs to Mississippi over the next decade: energy and health care."

Bryant said "natural gas, bio-fuels, solar power, clean coal technology and tertiary oil recovery are all adding to our position as a leader in the energy economy of the 21st century."

He said Mississippi can create thousands of jobs developing those sources, a statement reflecting independent analyses surfacing in the past year.

* "Mississippi's other potential growth sector for enhancement is health care," he told guests and officials jammed into the House chamber because of inclement weather. He proposed 1,000 more in-state physicians by 2025 and completion of the massive capital renewal of the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus, plus creation of "medical zones" across the state. Health care already is a major employer and income generator; Bryant's proposals could enhance its impact statewide.

* Change discussions about public education from money to "early childhood learning, charter schools, classroom redesign and higher qualifying standards for teachers" and "attack the dropout rate by allowing children to take standard high school classes and workforce learning in community colleges at the same time."

Most importantly, Bryant called for renewed emphasis on learning to read.

"We know a child who cannot read at a standard level by the fourth grade is almost always destined to failure. ... I want every child in Mississippi to be able to read...." about their future.

* He also directly addressed teenage pregnancy and repudiation of the teenage birthrate. We applaud that focus. We believe that more than abstinence education is necessary, and we also support Bryant's proposal to make "identifying teen pregnancy as an activity more devastating than smoking. Friends, we can no longer turn our heads and pretend the problem doesn't exist."

* Bryant also proposed budget process reforms to measure outcomes and then appropriate for success.

Bryant, a former legislator, understands the great distance between first proposal and final passage, but there's potential in the governor's general priorities.

Do you agree with Gov. Phil Bryant’s priorities identified in his inaugural address on Tuesday?

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January 12, 2012
Military men are dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns for foreign policy – Henry Kissinger (January-February 2003 edition of Eagle Newsletter)

It's not a number I’m terribly interested in – Colin Powell (reply when asked about the Iraqi casualties)

January 11, 2012
""...Our our most important work is making sure that Mississippians have work"


I doubt every one's dream is to be a slave. How about improving the quality of life rather than profits for the rich? Anyone can start a business if the Government was standing in their way.

The same old truisms that got us into the problems in the first place. He does not have workable solutions just more of the same old spend money on things that are not going to help the average citizens as they profit those that make the plans.

Teen pregnancy will not stop till survival is tied to behavior.

Education will not improve as long as the goal is to make consumers and wage slaves.

The powers are very much afraid of having educated people they see through their propaganda.

They want people trained just enough to stay productive for the rich to profit and be in their control.